Congressman Collins doesn’t care

By on July 19, 2018

Congressman Collins doesn’t care about you, your family or our the United States of America. Last year congressman Collins voted to increase the national debt by $1.5 trillion dollars. In an interview with Howard B. Owens of the Batavian Mr Collins said we need 4% inflation for 18 years to pay down the debt. “We have to have inflation at 4% a year or our kids don’t have a future”. Inflation is a hidden regressive tax, raising the price of goods and services. People on fixed income will be hardest hit by this tax. Furthermore, with the debt at $20 trillion dollars Mr Collins said “We can’t ever reduce spending to cut our debt. Anyone who thinks so is living in la-la land”. Interest on this national debt will leave little left over for infrastructure, research, education or defense. Mr Collins is well aware his tax cuts and increasing the debt by $1.5 trillion dollars places our government in peril and will hurt generations of American citizens. Congressman Collins does not care. We need a new congressman.

William Fine