Parma Isn’t Red, It’s Purple

By on August 13, 2018

When I discuss the current state of politics with friends they often tell me I am the only other person they can talk to about politics in Parma because “everyone” is Republican. While it is true that there are more registered Republicans than Democrats in Parma, there are still many progressive minded citizens here. As of August 1, there are 10,579 registered voters in Parma with 4,364 of them registered Republican. There are 2,498 Democrats and 2,832 unaffiliated voters. Like most places, Parma has the full spectrum of ideas. That is why I decided to join the Town of Parma Democratic Committee and help it rebuild after several years of inactivity. Everyone needs to have their voice represented in our local dialogue. Democracy thrives on robust debate and is stronger and more vibrant when there is strong representation across the full spectrum of ideas.