Illegal Immigrants And Votes

By on December 26, 2018

To The Editor:
The real and major reason why so many of my fellow Democrats (at the national level) seem to care so much about the plight of illegal immigrants is because they want to get their votes one day. This is all about VOTES. Once over 50% of the USA population becomes non-white, the Democrats know that they will win every Presidential election and will always be in control of both houses of Congress. I would love to see that day, but I don’t like how they are using these innocent people who are seeking a better life here and how they are hood-winking and playing the American people. On the other hand, the Republicans don’t want to let them in because they know that this day is coming and they want to prevent it from happening.
Most of these national Democrats really don’t care at all about these people as human beings, just as they also don’t care at all about the rest of us especially if we are poor, near-poor, lower-middle-class, or middle-class.
There are a few exceptions to this.
Stewart B. Epstein
P.S. I am a retired college professor of Sociology and Social Work.
I taught at West Virginia University, Slippery Rock University, SUNY-Brockport, and Monroe Community College.