Declaring A War On Cancer

By on February 5, 2019

If the US Congress ever passes “A National Wealth Tax” of 10% on all individuals who have a net-wealth and net-worth of $10 million and higher, we will not only be able to pass and fund a Canadian-style National Health Insurance Program which will cover and greatly help 99% of all Americans, we will also be able to declare A “War On Cancer” so that we will finally be able to spend enough to find cures for all forms/kinds of cancer and end the suffering once and for all.
Please note that on July 31, 2018 “USA Today” newspaper endorsed the passage of a “National Wealth Tax” and pointed out that President Trump proposed a National Wealth Tax in 1999.
P.S. I recently announced my candidacy for the US Congress in 2020. I will be running against the incumbent Chris Collins here in western New York. I have already begun.