Different Priorities For Democrats

By on March 11, 2019

I have different priorities from those of most national Democrats in 2019/2020.
I want the Party to focus on:
1. Advocating for the passage of a Canadian-style national health insurance program to cover all Americans.
2. Increasing Social Security Retirement Benefits by 20%.
3. The federal government supplementing the minimum wage and the pay of all full-time workers to bring them all up to a living-wage which is above the official poverty line and the official near-poverty line (of 100%-125% of the official poverty line).
I would pay for all of this by the passage of a National Wealth Tax of 15% on all individuals with a net-worth/net-wealth of $10 million and higher.
And, I would abolish/eliminate all “corporate welfare” and “business subsidies”. The conservative-libertarian think-tank, “The Cato Institute”, noted in 2012 that our federal government spends $100 billion/year on “corporate welfare”, and they would like to see it be abolished/eliminated. I rare agree with them, but do on this issue.