Sanctuary policies

By on March 9, 2020

Chris Jacobs, in a TV ad, said he would oppose sanctuary cities. Sanctuary cities did not happen because city and state leaders want to oppose the federal government, it happened because city leaders want to reduce fear in the immigrant community so crimes will be reported. Tom K. Wong Ph. D. associate professor of political science at the University of California, San Diego wrote in The Hill (2/6/20); “Sanctuary policies do not increase crime, crime is lower, and economies are stronger in sanctuary counties.” Mr. Wong goes on to write: “Additional research I conducted shows that local law enforcement entanglement with immigration enforcement makes it harder for local police to do their job.” Studies by Collingwood, et. al.,(2016), by the Center for American Progress (1/26/17), by Martinez, et., al; (2017), and (2018), provide additional evidenced that sanctuary policies are safer. Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Colorado, and Oregon are among the states that support sanctuary cities because these policies promote justice. Mr. Jacobs knows the evidence is overwhelming and compelling so why is he opposing sanctuary cities? The only answer I can think of that he thinks the residents of the 27th district are ignorant and can be frightened into voting for him. Mr. Jacobs is using the politics of fear and ignorance and propaganda for votes because he has no policies that will support citizens of the 27th congressional district. Thank you