By on January 29, 2017

The announcement by Assemblyman Hawley regarding the resurfacing project for the Lake Ontario State Parkway (LOSP) is laughable. Anyone who is really familiar with the condition of this roadway knows that the project he is lauding, from Payne Beach Rd. to Rt. 19, completely misses the mark in terms of need. If he and State officials were truly interested in addressing the “LOSP’s terrible road conditions”, the project would be taking place further west – from approximately Hamlin Beach State Park to Lakeside Beach State Park. This is undeniably the area of greatest need, and the expenditure of taxpayer’s dollars anywhere else along the LOSP at this time is irresponsible and frivolous. I hope that the “nearly 2000” that signed the petition calling for responsible action remember not only how badly they were misrepresented on this issue, but also how Assemblyman Hawley sought political capital for this fiasco.