Picking a Candidate

By on June 12, 2019

As Chairperson for the Republican Committee of the Town of Hamlin, the biggest challenge is finding a candidate for a newly vacant position. It becomes even more of a challenge when the position is being held by what many would consider a corner stone of the town’s infrastructure, The Town Clerk.
On February 5th the Hamlin republican Committee held nomination elections for the position. It was decided, in a landslide decision that Keylee Gililian would be our Endorsed Candidate for Hamlin Town Clerk. It was no surprise to me and the other members of the committee that we had chosen the best person for the job. Keylee is currently the Deputy Town Clerk. She has been trained in several seminars and has been given the experience to be effective and well qualified candidate for the position. She understands every duty and task of the office and will continue to provide the best service for the residents of the Town of Hamlin.
Keylee Gilfilian is a wonderful representative for her community. Born and raised in Hamlin. From the age of 18 she began volunteering as a youth soccer coach and later went onto SUNY Brockport graduating with a degree in teaching. Keylee is the first face most people see when they come to the Town Hall. She takes her responsibility very seriously and ensures that they receive a welcoming experience.
I am very pleased that Kaylee decided to continue the great work of the Town Clerks office by running for the position. Our Town and Community will benefit greatly by the experience and complete dedication to service of Keylee Gilfilian. Please come out to vote on June 25th to make sure the quality service that Keylee provides to our town continues.

Joel Yager, Chairman